We have big and ambitious plans ahead and a lot of work to do

Here is our Roadmap v1.0 which shows our plans and actions for the next 12 months. Accordingly to it, we will announce Roadmap v2.0 where we will claim our plans for the next of 2023.

We are actively working on the project and try to improve it with quality updates every month. We are proud to be one of the first representatives of Сentral Asia in the gamefi industry.

Our team clearly sees the further development of ShootGun, 2048 cube crypto, and other games of iDos Games metaverse. We dream to bring our games to the global market and become a leader in this industry so that all people around the world can enjoy our games and live off their income from them.

We believe that one day there will be whole esports disciplines among P2E projects, and our task is to ensure that the games of iDos Games metaverse are among them.

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