We are creating not only one game but also the whole ecosystem of different P2E games of various genres in iDos Games

These are games in different genres, and will be united by a common token (IGT), NFT items, and community in one metaverse. Players often play different genres of games and we want to give them the opportunity to experience various genres within our ecosystem. Regarding the games: 2048cube3D is a mobile hyper-casual game in which you have to match cubes with a suitable number. It took all the best from the famous Tetris and the well-known mobile game 2048. The more cubes you collect, the more tokens you earn. It is convenient to play it anywhere, whether you are waiting for the bus /queue or just decided to relax on the couch. Simple and straightforward gameplay allows anyone to quickly master the principles of the game and start earning tokens. The alpha version has been released in the middle of October 2021 and we are currently collecting the data to analyze the game's potential.

Idle RPG - online RPG in the best traditions of the genre, with high-quality models and interface. Variable turn of events in quests, interesting well-thought-out combat mechanics using: runes, equipment, and class synergies (human, demon, elf, etc.). Tower with endless challenges and clan wars. Options for summoning characters using crystals or summoning books. Types of heroes from simple to legendary will make the gameplay more interesting and exciting. The in-game currency is crypto, and equipment and heroes are in the form of NFT. Development of the game is planned for the second quarter of 2022 after the seed stage of fundraising will be closed.

Match 3 - everyone's favorite format, which has gained a million audience during the quarantine. Intuitively simple gameplay, the use of NFT skins, using which the player can receive passive income in the form of cryptocurrency. Quests help the player not only earn money but also unleash the player's creative potential. The creative design of the models will not leave even the laziest player aside. Development of the game is planned for the second quarter of 2022 after the seed stage of fundraising will be closed.

MMORPG is a format that truly deserves its place in the gaming industry. The implementation of our project with cryptocurrency and NFT skins will give a new breath to this direction. Diverse gameplay, epic locations, and epic boss battles will not let any player get bored. Also in the game will be implemented clan wars and the seizure of guild territories. Various races with unique abilities will help any player find a character for themselves. Upgrading equipment and mountable pets will make the gameplay extremely smooth and addictive. Variations of professions (alchemist, blacksmith, pharmacist, etc.) will keep the player engaged for a long time. Development of the game is planned for the third quarter of 2022 or the first quarter of 2023 after Round-A of fundraising will be closed.

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