Game features

There are plenty of P2E games outhere right now, but all they have common problems that ShootGun is solving


Many existing P2E games often require certain investments at the initial stage of the game: buying a game token, buying a game character, weapons, or a piece of land for a game farm. Sometimes starting costs in such projects reach several hundred dollars, which makes the game simply inaccessible to the average gamer. ShootGun, on the other hand, works Free-to-Play, and to start playing it, the player does not need to pay anything or buy an in-game token. All you need to do is download the game to your mobile phone, create an account and go into battle! Game - first, crypto - later!

To start playing ShootGun, the player does not need to have any knowledge about the crypto or about how the blockchain works. You don't even need to link your crypto wallet to enjoy exciting battles with friends or opponents from all over the world. The Shootgun is a game in the first place, and only then a way of making money. Therefore, the players first play, and only then earn tokens. Afterward, the mechanism called "Hi Crypto" will help and encourage players to create a crypto wallet, withdraw the earned tokens and share crypto knowledge you need to know.

Mobile gaming

According to Global Mobile Gaming Market Report 2021 by, mobile gaming is already bigger than the console and PC gaming markets combined, contributing nearly 57% of the $173bn global video games revenue in 2020. Worth $98bln in 2020, the mobile gaming market is predicted to grow to $272bn by 2030. Today, a mobile phone has become an integral part of our life and is always with us, so ShootGun can be played from any mobile device, while many other P2E games are available only in the browser version and require a laptop or PC.

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