Midas is the protagonist of the ShootGun universe. He is a representative of the race - Spartaliss. The planet of this race was far from our usual space. Real warriors were brought up on this land, who were ready to give everything to save their native Spartaliss. One of these warriors was Midas. From a simple, young private Midas rose to the commander in chief of the army. His exploits were legendary. On Spartaliss he was recognized and respected.

After some time, the king of the planet decided to create a special squad. So that they perform certain intergalactic missions. And the best warrior in the history of Spartaliss - Midas became the head of this detachment. The unit was named the Ravagers.

And in this field, Midas was waiting for success. Until they got a dangerous mission. This task did not require a whole detachment and Midas decided to do everything himself, alone. But along the way, Midas lost control and got into an accident on his ship.

Midas woke up on the ruins of the planet Earth. It is not known how long he was out. Completely not understanding where he is, how he got here, and most importantly, not knowing anything about his past. Not knowing who he was, Midas went to study the area, and at the same time find answers.

The search was interrupted as a huge airship took him to the first bout of the fight to the death. Midas, for unknown reasons, became the very first participant in the battle royal . He is one of the strongest and most skillful members. Midas is a first-class melee expert, he also has the ability to master any kind of weapon.

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