Custom NFT creation

Create your own NFT within our game

In ShootGun and other projects of the iDos Games metaverse will be a unique opportunity for players to create their own NTF and sell them on our in-game marketplace. This will allow players to create their own weapon skins, costumes for playable characters, and more. All this will be available for sale and purchase in the form of NFTs. The creator of NTF will have 97.5% (2.5% transaction fee) from the first sale of his NFTs and also 5% from each subsequent resale of his NTF on our in-game marketplace. Thus, we create an opportunity not only to play with those weapons and characters that you yourself want, but also to make money on the creation of your own piece of art.

We are planning to launch the Custom creation NFT in December 2022. Check out our roadmap.

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